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Our candidates share their experiences.

​​They are fast, precise and very helpful! Thanks to Kelly, I have a way better job now.

Szandi , HR


Our candidates share their experiences.

They have always helped me, no matter what problem I had. I am happy, I found a job by them.

Balázs , Marketing Department


Our candidates share their experiences.

It took 5 days from the first click until signing the contract. I am impressed by their pace and their professional knowledge.​

Ricsi , Sales


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Hogyan Kezdj Bele Egy új Karrierútba

How to start a new career

​Not motivated at your workplace? You are not alone! Most of us choose career during our teenager years.Interests change like the seasons. You can ...

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érzelmi Intelligencia Borítókép

Emotional Intelligence

​The concept of EQ - Emotional Intelligence - got infamous around 80 years ago alias Social Intelligence but surprisingly it became a term in the 9...

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Impostor Syndrome

​,,That task wasn’t even that hard,everybody could fulfill it. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my collegues.It is nothing but luck that...

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