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The highest paying careers

​When it comes to plan our career, to choose a profession we would like to do for living we tend to think about what the highest paying careers are or in what direction we shall go. It is important to know, that even if we choose a well-paid profession it does not necessary means that we are good at it and it will fit for us. Luckily the well-paid jobs are not related to only one field, therefore no need to worry if you do not like Biology you then do not have the chance to get a good salary.

Let's have a look on the most honoured careers.

Air traffic controller.

Planes land and get off so easily we take it granted, but we do not even think about what is behind it. It must be coordinated by someone. Without air traffic controllers the safety of flights can not be granted. They are under constant pressure since they are in charge of human lives. In order to get this job you have to have great english language and - essential - cognitive skills. The minimum salary is around 1 000 000 HUF.


The I.T field provides more than enough means to subsistence. Programmers are the magicians and wizards of our modern world. They are able to forward our message from one point to an other point on the Earth with thousands of lines of codes. Today this is one of the most valuable profession since it requires strong mathematical knowledge and logical thinking. On the top of that thousands of programmers are missing from the labor market. A programmer's work is honored by more than half millions of hungarian forint.

SME - Subject Matte Expert

An associate who supports decision making / divisions by coaching, process development or process migration as a technical consultant based on his/her experience and knowledge. The main tasks are to create timeline for the project and feasibility studies. In order to get a job like this it is necessary to have great communication and rethorical skills. It goes without saying you can definitely make ends meet.

PLC Programmer

This profession is related to the I.T to a certain extent but it slightly different. "Basic programmers" develop computer applications meanwhile a PLC programmer create applications to control other machines. He is charge to fix the broken machines / issues in the program for around 530 000 hungarian forints per month.


In the financial field, accountant is a truly honoured job. It goes without saying that you need to have advanced mathematical knowledge in order to handle invoices and receipts accordingly to the finance act and to create reports to the national tax and toll authority. They tend to be asked to manage payroll issues as well. Their salary is a multiplied amount of the minimum salary.

These were a few of the most paid jobs. As you can see, over the lexical knowledge it is crucial to have some so called soft-skills as well which you can not acquire from books.

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