Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a form of employment where the selection of employees is conducted and employment contracts are signed by Kelly Services as a temporary staffing company, and not you, the client. In this case Kelly pays the wages and bears all related obligations, but work is actually performed at your site. You, as the employer, also exercise the required control and supervision over the work performed.

The benefits of temporary staffing:

There may be changes or unexpected events in the course of business that are hard to respond to with your existing staff. In this case Kelly may be able to help, as

  • Kelly relieves you of the burden of recruitment and employment-related administration,
  • through temporary staffing you can acquire the services of a professional with special skills and knowledge who would not be available as an employee,
  • you can find professionals for larger projects without actually employing them,
  • it may be an ideal solution to unexpected or temporary situations (illness, maternity leave, etc.).

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