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Kelly Hungary Staff Become Miracle Makers for the Winter Holidays!

We say Christmas is a celebration of love. But what exactly do we mean by that?

For many of us, this means travelling to see family, sharing delicious meals, playing games, decorating the tree, and quarrelling with our siblings over presents or who gets the last slice of dessert. However, not everyone experiences this type of Christmas.

During this festive season, Kelly Services Hungary is supporting children and families who, for a variety of reasons, are unlikely to experience a ‘typical’ Christmas celebration.

Our team has chosen to donate to two organisations that are working to ensure a happy and warm Christmas for the people they support.

Dozens of our colleagues have donated chocolate packages and Christmas presents, which are set to be shared with an organisation supporting orphans. These donations will ensure children waiting to be adopted not only have a chocolate treat to enjoy but experiences like sledging and storytelling to take part in.  

We have also chosen a ‘mothers' home’ located near Budapest as the central point of our campaign. This 40-person home provides a safe space for single mothers and minor children who have faced poverty or domestic abuse. We are collecting donations to help the women and children there enjoy a brighter and warmer Christmas even through the bitter weather.

We believe that family – whatever shape that takes – is an important and beautiful word at this time of year, and we are proud to be contributing to a brighter festive season for those who are facing hardships.

Happy holidays everyone!