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How to keep your mental health during COVID

​2020 has been a year of probation. The corona virus came and has changed our life for good.It has changed the world of working and made an impact on the mental health of the employees and the state of organization and national economy. Most countries introduced curfew in order to protect their citizens. It’s lead to a change of employees working conditions: they need to work from home, or they can not work but get some income replacement, or in the worst case scenario they are unemployed.

Whichever category you fit in, this period is filled with ordeal,so it’s very important to take care of our mental health.

What can we do about it ?

1. Create a proper working environment!

It’s very important to create a space in your apartment where you can focus. If have a family it’s highly recommended to have an own area where you can separete your private and working life easily. It’s important to have a desk where you can put your laptop and a comfortable chair where you can sit for hours. Order is the soul of everything-so everything must be in order,because chaos makes it hard to concentrate. It might seem less important, but it is the basis of everything. Mess has an effect on your state of mind too.

2. Act like you go to work!

If you come up with a daily routine it can have a good effect on your mental health. Get up every morning in the same time. Have a shower,make a coffee, and have breakfast!Dress up as you’d go to work! (Okay,it doesn’t have to be this strict, just don’t wear your pajamas all day cause it makes focusing even harder.) Think about the things you need to do that day before work. It can give a perspective to the day ahead.

3. Move your body!

It’s very important to do some exercises if you have a sitting job. Due to curfew the qyms are closed and the weather is not appropriate to spend so much time outdoors. But thanks to home office you can do some stretching or exercises between meetings or projects without your colleagues giving you a weird look.

4. Eat healthy!

Due to working from home, the time you save on travelling to work and back home - you can turn to cooking,paying attention to the ingredients. Besides, it’s easier to focus on drinking enough water at home too, so pay attention to stay hydrated! By eating healthily you can be more balanced and you’ll feel better in your skin.

5. Organize team meetings!

Everybody’s going through a hard time that’s why it is important to stick together! If you can, have Zoom or Teams meetings, where you can talk about your week and let off steam over a glass of wine. The tips above can help us to feel better. This virus situation is a hard time for everyone and it’s very easy to lose motivation and get depressed. Have a conversation with friends and family and if the situation is getting worse, don’t be afraid of asking for further help, for example a psychologist.