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Impostor Syndrome

​,,That task wasn’t even that hard,everybody could fulfill it. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my collegues.It is nothing but luck that I have gone so far, I do not even deserve that, I am a cheater.”- Are these sound familiar to you?Then you are suffering from impostor syndrome. According to the Time 70% of the people experience impostor syndrome during their lives.Doesn’t matter whether you are a woman,man,doctor,theacher,actor-you can still suffer from it.

What is impostor syndrome?

There are some people who are never satisfied with themselves.They are very successfull but still: they feel like it’s not their accomplishment. They keep questioning themselves and forever afraid of being caught: they are not even talented and their achievement is not even theirs.The phenomenon was first written by two psychologist Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes but they thought it is only common amongst women.

Since then researches have shown that it’s a desease which affects women,men and even children too.

Types of personalities which are affected. The expert of the phenomenon,Valerie Young pointed out several personalities which are more likely to experience the syndrome. If these sentences are familiar to you,the first step to recover is to find out which category you are.

1. The perfectcionist

Maximalism is the basic state of impostor syndrome.If you perform at your workplace on a 99%, you are still bothered by the remaining 1% and you fully question your own competence.

2. The expert

You are in need to be aware of all the information: and still not enough. You forever go to trainings and get certificates, never stop developing yourself. You only apply for a job if you meet all the expectations.

3. The natural genious

Learning new skills were always easy for you. You always got good grades without even trying.

But later in life facing difficulties or challanges your first thought is you are not good enough,you have been lying to everyone around you being smart. You are a cheater.

4. The soloists

A.k.a lonely wolwes. You have been solving problems alone in your entire life. If you caught up in something, and you need some help,it means you need to admit that you are not good at something.

5. The superman and the superwoman

You work harder than the others,because you think there is less chance to figure out you are not as good as they think. You do the maximum in all aspects of life: as a parent, as a partner, as a colleague. You eventually become depressed or burnt out.

What’s the reason?

There is no concrete answer. Some experts say it depends ont the personality,some say it is family or behavioral problems. Most people think they deserve love only if they are proven worthful by their boss, colleagues, family. Maybe the grades you got wasn’t enough for your family and you were always compared to your siblings. Unfortunately those feeling remain.Also, if you work in a very harmful environment- you are labelled because of your gender or origin-can also lead to impostor syndrome.

What’s the solution?

First, you need to recognize the problem and be concious about it. If you keep monitoring the way you behave you will figure out in which category you fit and you can step into the way of changing. According to psychologists there is only one thing in people who have impostor syndrome differ from the others: the way they react to challenge. You need a change of perspective:you have to believe that you are capable of facing challenges. If you recognize the symptoms, talk to your friends,or relatives or if the situation is bad,find a psychologist.

Everyone is constantly facing challanges during their lives, you cannot let fear take over control.

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