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How to start a new career

​Not motivated at your workplace? You are not alone! Most of us choose career during our teenager years.Interests change like the seasons. You can feel stucked at your career because it’s not your cup of tea anymore. But don’t worry, changing career path is not impossible at all!

5 tips to get it started:

1. Career test for the lost

Fill in this career test ( if you are not sure which way to go. It is not guarantee for anything but can be a good starting point. You can see in which field you’d enjoy working the most.

2. Digging for the purposeful

If you are aware of which way to go,there’s more to come. Through the internet you can get an insight into your chosen career,but it’s important to dig deeper.There’s is a lot of information the companies share about the way they work via Facebook,LinkedIn or Instagram pages. Check them out! If you want to be an expert of the topic look after the leader of the chosen company. Read articles,watch interviews about them and find out more about the challanges and possibilites of your career.

3. It’s never too late to learn

It might be possible that changing your career is requiring more than just leaving your previous workplace and finding a new one. In this case you need to figure it out yourself. If you still need to learn something to be a perfect fit for the job then do it. In this case you won’t come up against a difficulty when searching for a new job.

4. The hidden possibilites of networking

In today’s trends the so-called networking is an important part of the job hunting such as online job advertisements. If you are about to change career ask your connections first,because getting a job nowadays is mostly based on recommendation.

5. Personalized sollution with the help of recruitment companies

The best way of finding new opportunities is turning to a recruitment agency. The aim of these companies is to link people with the most suitable opportunities for them. These agencies are in touch with the big companies non stop and they get to now the new positions first before they going public.They guide your CV to the most appropriate desks and leaders.

Changing careers might be scary but it’s still better than spending a lifetime at the wrong workplace.

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