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How to fit into a new workplace

​You got a new job and you want to make a good first impression but don’t know where to start? It’s important not only to fit in at the new working environment but enjoying it too. These two are strongly related because in order to love your job you need to fit in.What can you do for it?


The way the workers dress says a lot about the company. If everybody wears suits,then it’s a very formal workplace. So if you can avoid showing up in jeans and tee on your first day. But it’s true vica versa: don’t overdress if you can wear your every day clothes. Ask about the expectation! Being prepared is not lame!


At a lot of workplace you can find not only the idustrial but a special major related too-it can be a nickname of a procedure or something else. Try to learn them as soon as possible. You don’t get something? Ask for help from your colleagues, they now exactly how hard it is to be thrown at the world of professional nicknames.


The habits,as the jargons can change from office to office. Pay attention to your colleauges behavior. Perhaps they communicate by texting instead of walking to each other. Learning these skills may help you to feel yourself as a part of the team.


The best way to fit in is getting to know your new colleagues. You can easily get an insight into the team dynamics if you spend some time with them. What do they do during luch? Do they eat home made food? Do they eat out ? Is there someone who spends his lunch break doing something else then eats at his desk later? Go with them and enjoy their company.

5. It’s never too late for something new

If you leave a workplace there’s always something you carry on with you.They guide you in how to do your job. But it’s important to realise:the more workplace the more point of view. Don’t be afraid of letting go old habits:you’ll feel so much better if you go with the flow.

The biggest lesson is learning that each workplace is different. The best way to fit in is to follow the company’s culture. Don’t stress too much about changes!