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Attributes of a good employer

When one looking for a job, he only gets details regarding the position itself but nothing about what the employer is. Is the employer good? Is the employer bad? It is hard to recognize since it is written nowhere.

We can rely on our intuitives - or in some cases on our acquaintance - but we will get the full picture way later.

Yet, we tried to collect the characteristics of the good employers.

Open communication in between the manager and underling

Do not misunderstand! It is not about that the manager shares all the financial details it rather means that the manager is avalaible and open for the comunication. Major part of employees stated, that the degrading communication-quality with his boss played a role. It is crucial that the employees must be listened therefore to give a positive impression that the manager is paying attention to them.

Applicants are well qualified

It goes without saying it depends on the position itself who can be considered a well qualified person. Although we can say, if a manager find the right person to a position it can be thanked to his good reputation. A good employer's news get around quickly not necessarily by facebook but rather by gossip. People don't forget. If an employer treat employees inappropriate, it will be palpable not just in but outside the company as well. Competitors can get aware of that and it can damage the reputation of the company and of the employer as well.

Common programs with the underlings

A common launch or programme spent with the collegaues - above the meetings - gives a great impression. Employees feel themselves closer to the manager which increases the trust and motivation as well, on both sides. A motivated employee will stick to his job stronger and the chance to leave the company is lower.


In 2020 flexibility is a must. 9to5 days in the office / the need to get a day off to manage our private issues are outdated. Nowadays in this fast and hectic world, flexibility and the trust comes with it is a basic expectation.

Feedbacks are taken serious

Noone is born perfect, not even a company / manager is a perfect employer from the beginning. Although we can get a good base to start off, but it is crucial to develop ourselves continiously based on the feedbacks. A manager can become better by taking the constructive critics given by collegaues serious. It also means that the employees are considered important by the manager.

Supportive, not old-fashioned

A good employee supports his team instead of getting out of things are not his responsibilities, therefore he is not old fashioned. On long run this way of thinking results in more success even if the manager has to put 110% workload to support his collegaues.

Trains the collegaues

A good manager spend money to educate and to improve his team. The more knowledge an employee has the ore effective he is. With trainings the employee not only doing his job better but he will probably stick to the company, therefore the manager does not have to worry about finding a new person. Companies offer trainings are very populer amoung the job-seekers.

Open to new things

Our world is constantly changing therefore technics used to work may not so effective nowadays. A good boss is open to try out new things. In most cases innovativity is in the office but we do not know about that. It wirthes to try out new things because maybe we can get a better position on the market.

Stays calm under pressure

A good leader must be able to make the right decisions under pressure, he can not lose his mind. If he knows he can not handle this decision alone then he involves other members from the team. The more person involved the more view of point he can approach the problem and find the best solution sooner.

These were the attributes based on you can recognize what is a good employer like.

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