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5 ways to reduce stress at work

​The work related stress is a serious issue not just in
Hungary but all around the world. A survey conducted by the American
Psychological Association (APA), shows that more than thirds of the American employees
suffer from cronic stress, which results in billions of dollars loss for American
companies. Moreover, it also has an effect on other fields of your life over
the workplace. But! Keep in mind that not all stress is harmful for us. Experts
separate benefical and detrimental stress. A minimum amount of stress is
necessary to stay motivated and to focus on our tasks. The issue is, when the beneficial
stress piles up and one can not handle it properly.

So how can we deal with harmful stress effectively?

1.      Sufficiant and adequate working schedule

Lack of sleeping can even make coping with „normal stress” harder. What can you
do to reset your biorhytm? 8 hours of sleep. You can not do your best without
the necessary amount of time spent with sleeping. The best way to do it, if you
go to sleep at the same time every evening therefore you can wake up at the
same time every morning by yourself, without alarm clock. On the other hand,
you have to pay attention to keep this habit even on the weekends, no matter
how tempting can sleeping untill noon be. If you have problems to fall asleep you
should redesign your evening routine. You may fall asleep in front of the TV?
Stimulating your brain by visuals make it to stay active and make
falling asleep harder. Turn off all the screens 1 hour before sleeping.

2.      Proper nutrition

Lots of people eat unhealthy due to the piled up stress. Under pressure, our
brain releases cortisol (hormone) by
which we desire salty, fatty, and sweet food. The joy food gives us is only
temporary, it rather makes us feeling lethargical which again, raises the
stress level. This is how we get into a vicious circle. So what shall we eat?
Fruits and vegetables rich in fibers, pastas, wholemeal breads, meats with high
level of proteins (such as chicken). There are the so called „superfood” like:
bilberry or bitter chocolate. These are full of antioxidants which help us to
feel ourselves better.

3.      Regular sport

Exercising releases endorphines in brain which is in charge of happiness and
stress reducing. 30 minutes a day would be the most optimal, but most of the
people can not make it to be a routine of their day. Here is the solution: If you
feel the pressure is too big, then get up and go for a walk or stretch. It
makes your blood flooding and your body producing
endorphines. If it is not enough, you should use the opportunities granted by
your employer. Ask for a table with adjustment height, therefore you can do
your work while you are standing. Go for a walk when its possible, even during
a phone interview/conference call. Fresh air and movement not only help you to
release stress but also make you more effective when it comes to fulfill your
duties at work.

4.      A well scheduled day

Some people may think, if they work and rush all day, they do their best. It is
not that true. The effectiveness decreases and stress level increases. Use your
calendar and plan your week. Make a priority list, and do not try to do all the
work at the same time. Do not forget: Rest is also a part of the work. Schedule
breaks in your days. Every 90 minutes of work go for a walk or stretch, anyway,
the point is to relax somehow for around 10 minutes.

5. Friends and family

You can easily drift apart from your family and friends if you work all day and
do overtime. Organize a program for every week by wich you can relax. Do not
talk about work, forget your smart phones. Just enjoy the time you spend
together. Unfortunately we can not get rid of work related stress completely,
but this does not mean we can not handle it. Health is the most important, do
not let your life be ruined by stress.