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How office effects employees’ performance

We all know that the work environment has a huge effect on our performance! But most of us cannot even guess what are the factors that really affect our work, not only our mood but also creativity and ability. Did you know, for example, even the shape of a table can influence our behaviour? The edges of a rectangle-shaped table can raise the pressure and can create controversy between the workers.

Let’s take a look at which elements we must pay attention in an office to boost the employees’ performance.

Lights and colours!

This is the point where employers mess up in most cases. They think, with some extra neon/LED light the office will look better, but it is not true! If the office lighting is executed by not a professional, it can damage the employees’ efficiency and working moral.
• When we place our desk we should aim – in case we use right hand – to set it in a way, that the light comes from above our left shoulder. Inadequate light can deteriorate our attention and concentration.
• The more natural light we use, the better our mood is. Natural light reduces stress, increase efficiency, and also – based on a recent study’s result – employees who work in an office using natural light tend to get sick rarer.

As far as colours are concerned, most of the employers prefer traditional, natural colours, but it is not a good choice. Colours have their psychological effects too.

• It is better to paint the walls in lighter colours and use warmer ones in lighting. Orange, pink or red walls makes us energetic and enthusiastic, meanwhile green and blue makes us relaxed. Blue and green colours are a good choice if the work is full of stress. We can use darker colours as well but do not take it too much. A few black/darker chair, furniture is enough to make the office to look harmonic.

Office mobility open spaces

In our days mobility inside the office and open spaces are become more and more important. One of the methods of mobility is desk sharing. In this case, there is no permanent desk. After the work had been done, they leave their desk cleaned and organized, and on the other day employees sit down to a different desk. It motivates the employee, helps to avoid being apathetic, and provide diversity.
Open spaces impact the efficiency of employees. It increases collaboration, and by placing desks next to each other it also helps to make the teamwork more effective.
Employees are humans, not robots, therefore it is crucial to have a place where they can go and take a rest. It is not a big deal. A well-furnished kitchen, a corner, or a playroom makes huge impacts on an employee’s capacity.

Generation differences

Our needs are different depending on the ages, and the working environment also counts. In these days, companies try to fulfil Y and Z generation’s needs by dynamic, open common spaces, offering mobility, and restrooms as well. Most of Y and Z generation employees prefer open spaces but we can not generalize. It rather depends whether the one is intro or extroverted.

What can cause a wrong working environment?

Improper lighting, non-ergonomic chairs, desks, furniture not only damage the efficiency but also decrease the working morale and motivation of employees. Some employers consider it as a waste of money to ask a professional decorator for support and they stick their own – unprofessional – ideas and concepts. On the long run a professional decorator worth, because our employees become more effective, and get less sick.