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5 Things You Should Never Do When Beginning a New Job

​Some of us get really excited when we have a new job since this has a significant effect on our life. We have to form our daily routine again, we get into a completely new working environment and get surrounded by a lot of new people.

Bear in mind, that the smoothness of this integration is crucial. Let’s have a look, what are the most important things you should pay attention to if you just get a new place.

Don't have lunch alone!

One of the best methods of building connections is when we have lunch with our colleagues, therefore never reject an invitation. They probably know how it feels to be in a completely new environment, therefore they try to help you not to feel like an outsider. Lunch with your new colleagues is a great opportunity to get to know them better.

Avoid gossiping!

People do gossip not just in their private life, but sometimes in their workplaces too. Our advice is to eavesdrop only, otherwise, it can turn out to be bad for you later, if you join to the chain. Just pay attention to what they say, you might get substantial information. Keep in mind, probably not everything you hear is true.

Be punctual!

Being on time in our world is one of the principles of mutual respect. It is awkward if the other person has to wait for you, therefore it is always important to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier. Before your first day take a look around your new workplace, just to check where you can park your car, or which streets are one way. It will help you to be less frustrated on your first day.

Don't bring your private life to the office

If our private life and work are not separated from each other it makes you look unprofessional. Sharing sensitive information with your colleagues right in the beginning can end up in awkward situations. Have in mind that not everyone will like you, and sometimes private information (unfortunately) start to spread and set the base for another gossip.

Be open!

Every workplace has its own routine therefore it might occur, you have to use new technics despite the fact you have the same task. Take them as a new thing to learn and gain, instead of a burden. New technics make your day diverse and exciting therefore you can avoid being bored.