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About Us

Who are we?

Straight out of the box we are a recruitment business. Our people bottle your perfumes, drive your
prescriptions around the country, map your roads … and so much more.
We do all of these things onsite and from our recruiting hubs for both permanent and temporary workers.
We see people not candidates.  

​Our hiring is both temporary and permament. Through Project
Resourcing we offer companies on-demand solutions to supplement their in-house recruitment teams.

Who Are We - Kelly


We started back in 1946. Our tomorrow is about #WhatsNext.
The world has changed. People communicate differently, absorb information with ever changing tools and devices,
look for jobs in changing ways. Often people are not even looking. We understand this.
Our sourcing is non-traditional, embracing technology and using new ideas and concepts.
We engage with people in the ways they consume media or around their habits.
Everyone is different so we manage them as such. We are unique, you are unique, so
how we work is unique.

WhatsNext - Kelly


Over $5bn in revenue | 7,000 employees worldwide | 40+ Countries | Every 37 seconds we find someone work.

All of this is to connect over 500,000 people to work annually.

Our Why - Kelly

Our why? 

Our people care about our candidates, our clients, our colleagues.
We want to connect people to work in ways that enrich their lives.